Acting Out Productions

Innovation and excellence in mental health training

What we do

Acting Out Productions provides a unique experiential and practical approach to mental health training.

We use drama, based on real stories, forum theatre and other methods of audience interaction to bring the learning alive. We create an environment and vehicle in which delegates can debate, think creatively and achieve greater knowledge and insight into mental health issues. We aim to nurture a mindset where practical solutions and emotional intelligence can flourish.

From hard-hitting plays to short bespoke scenarios, our training spans the business, community and educational spectrum. From blue-chip companies whether commodities, service based or financial industries, to national and local statutory organisations, Armed Forces, colleges and councils, we work with the client to tailor our product to fully meet requirements and targets.

Acting Out Productions gives you the training edge, be it for staff skills and development in the workplace; wellbeing at work, customer care and public support, or areas with a more specific focus e.g. the mental wellbeing of Armed Forces veterans; early intervention in young people’s mental health; older people and dementia; impact of physical conditions on mental wellbeing

We offer a full package of training components,
options and add-on services including:

Short plays with three or more actors to highlight a range of mental health issues across ages, occupations, demographics and cultures

Improvised scenarios created by the actors from staff’s real life experiences

Crisis and risk management using real case scenarios followed by solution based discussions and action planning

Learning sets to follow up and maximize the drama based sessions

Tailored signposting and mental health guides with facts and statistics

Counselling, coaching and personality profiling for staff by professionally accredited psychotherapists and business life coaches

Templates for corporate policies and charters for mental wellbeing in the workplace.