Acting Out Productions

Innovation and excellence in mental health training

“We must collect our thoughts – for the unexpected is always upon us… in our rooms,
in the street, at the door, on the stage…”

Samuel Becket

Acting Out Productions provides the right scene for the right training purpose across the spectrum of mental distress and emotional problems. We will create training packages for you that meet your highest standards of expectation and needs.

Latest work:

Our wide ranging plays, scenarios and bespoke scenes are all based on true stories…


'Acting Out Productions presents 'Flashpoint': this short film is a snapshot of a live drama that highlights a man's struggle with mental illness and his journey to a dark and lonely place. Based on a true story performed by professional actors, ‘Flashpoint’ is a 30 minute hard-hitting play that throws a spotlight on how painful consequences happen when someone's mental distress is ignored or misunderstood - by the person suffering and those around

Breaking Point

This 20 minute play is based on a real story and shows how vulnerable young people – at college or in community – can be to emotional problems that may lead to mental ill health. We meet ‘Carl’ in the play who is a student struggling with his life and relationships. His mental health is suffering. Warning signs are missed; by his family, friends and tutors, and by Carl himself. The play highlights how getting help early can help someone from spiraling into mental illness.

We also create bespoke scenes for a specific mental illness or situation, for example:


‘Mike’ is a man suffering depression yet unable to share his worries with his partner. He is afraid but doesn’t know how to show it except through anger – at his wife, friends, strangers.


Sophie is a young mum who, following the death of her mother is not coping. She is depressed and turning to drugs to get her through the day and look after her 6 year old. Her father and brother are trying to help but don’t have the understanding to do so.


Chantal’s story shows how domestic abuse in ethnic minority communities can go unreported and unseen...