Acting Out Productions

Innovation and excellence in mental health training


Acting Out Productions facilitates an experiential style of learning where delegates and audiences achieve a more rounded and deeper knowledge and insight into mental wellbeing.


'Flashpoint' has been performed to a wide range and number of professional delegates in health, social care, local authority, housing, customer care, voluntary sector and business. A few comments include:

Comments from 63 staff in one borough council include:

"Brilliant - thought provoking"

"Very useful group discussion and healthy debate leading to greater understanding"

"Very interesting - makes you think about situations differently"

"Fantastic production"

"Allows you to feel the emotional issues and frustrations"

"Very realistic"

"The actors were fantastic - particularly their ability to improvise"

"A powerful training tool"

Following evaluation in one borough council there was a significant rise in delegates awareness and learning:

94% from total audience of 63 said the play and the training session that followed helped them to recognize signs of mental health problems.

92% said yes when asked if the play and follow on training session helped delegates feel more empowered and enabled about how they might help people with mental health problems

'Breaking Point'

When first performed to over 300 college students and 100 staff, the students' evaluation showed a significant rise in their understanding of mental health problems...

Significant increase in number of respondents who felt able to identify signs of a mental health problem after the show
Greater number of signs of mental health problems listed after the show

Increases after the show in knowledge of help available from places listed in the show (Doctor, College, Counsellor)
Increases after the show in number of students citing sources of help available

A snapshot of what students said:

"I can see how mental illness starts "

"I understand some of the symptoms "

"Mental health problems can be spotted by behaviours "

"I should look after angry people "

"I would recommend that anybody with any issues goes to see a counsellor "

"I learnt something new, I feel differently towards mental people"

"It has made me understand differently about people with a mental health problem "

"Mental health issues can appear in anyone "

A general theme running through all feedback throughout the last year is summed up by a chief executive of a statutory organisation:

"Acting Out Productions provides a unique and totally engaging model of mental health training. The performances and training provide a great opportunity for us to learn more about the issues, to reflect on our own personal and professional behaviours and attitudes and to understand what we can do to look after our own wellbeing, that of our colleagues, friends and families and of course, the people we serve."